Benro Kit C3770TN + GH2

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Benro Kit C3770TN + GH2

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    This Benro GH-2 telephoto lens holder will attach to your monopods and tripods and will ensure exemplary stability of the camera and lens assembly. This pendulum swivel offers two degrees of freedom with independent locking of the two axes of rotation (tilting and panning). Benro GH-2 gimbal head provides a natural balance and you will avoid any camera shake

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    When you really have to be stable, you take a tripod without a central column.     Thickest section of diameter: 32.4 mm      Thinnest section of diameter: 25.2 mm      Material: carbon      Closure: Rotation      Weight: 2.1 kg      Maximum load: 18 kg      Number of sections: 3      Maximum height (without column): 150 cm      Optional AGC3N column

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