DJI LIDAR Range Finder (RS) for DJI RS 3 Pro


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The Lidar focus system facilitates the development for the taking, without resting on the surface texture of the subject. This is particularly useful in a low -light environment, for an exceptional development rendering.

The new Lidar Laser (RS) schedule 43,200 lasers, has a 14 -meter detection range [1] and an integrated camera with an equivalent focal length of 30 mm and a 70 ° FOV, responding to most scenarios of development. A pairing with the Focus (2022) engine also makes it possible to focus on manual objectives after calibration.

With the Lidar Laser rangemel (RS), RS 3 Pro supports Activetrack Pro, for better identification of the subject and better monitoring performance.

1. Tested in a low light environment. Under normal shooting conditions, the detection distance for human subjects is 7 meters.

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