• The VH-30R ball is perfectly adapted to the bird photography. It has a double panoramic plate whose resistance can be set thanks to the gray wheel. The second gray button allows you to adjust the rotation. With a diameter of 60 mm, its base is equipped with a 3/8 'thread to be screwed on a tripod. Capable of supporting a 15 kg load, the VH-30R welcomes many

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  • The 4-axle LEFOTO FW-01R Tripod head is suitable for defining with extreme accuracy the angle of inclination of the camera. It lends itself perfectly to the macrophotography, the photograph of still life and artistic photography. With two cranks and two panoramic plates make FW-01R a 4-axis tripod head. The 2 axes can be inclined and locked from -20 ° to 40

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