LEOFOTO Ranger series

  • The Leofoto Ranger LS-284CVL Explorer carbon tripod is unique in the Leofoto Ranger range, thanks to its tilting center column. Which makes it the perfect tripod for macro photographers. This light and compact tripod provides great stability, especially when shooting in nature. The Leofoto Ranger LS-284CVL Explorer comes with a tilting center column,

    439,00 €
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  • The Ranger LS-365C tripod is part of Leofoto's "Ranger" line. Compact and lightweight, this travel tripod is designed to be stable on all occasions, especially when shooting in the wilderness. Made with 10 layers of carbon, it is extremely stable.

    409,00 €
    Delay approx. 10 days
  • The Leofoto LS-365C with PG-1 rotating head is one of the largest tripods in the Ranger Series. The Ranger LS-365C Tripod with PG-1 Rotating Head is ideal for sports photographers, nature photographers and those filming wildlife. The "swing arm" is flexible. This makes it easy to find the right balance. Using carbon and the smart perforated portable arms,

    999,00 €
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