• The VBP-02 V-Mount Battery Pinch from Lanparte is a multi-function power adapter. You can mount a V-Mount battery as your power source, or connect the unit to AC power via the included power adapter. The VBP-02 features multiple DC outputs (5, 7.4, 12, 15V, and a D-Tap), enabling you to power multiple devices simultaneously. The Battery Pinch also features

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  • Lanparte MA-03 Magic Arm 6 inch

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    Lanparte HHGB-01 battery for HHG01

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  • Lanparte 4.3inch GoPro HDMI monitor is designed for handheld gimbal use. Customer can power is via canon E6P battery pack or 5V mini USB port (smartphone power bank) With one E6P battery it can last 4 hours shooting. With the 1/4 thread it can be attached to any standard magic arm in the market. The monitor hood is another important accessory for outside

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  • Lanparte handheld gimbal HHG-01 is the first gimbal in the world which compatible with both Iphone6+ and GoPro. It is an efficient tool to help customer shoot smooth footage in short time. It will come with clamps for both small and big smartphone(iphone6 plus)   The GoPro clamp (GOC-01) is included

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