InfiRay Affo AP13 Thermal Imaging Monocular

Affo AP13

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The new sensor technology is extremely energy efficient and allows the AFF13 AFFO to be used up to 9 hours.

A WLAN module with App connection is newly integrated into the device.

It is now possible to record images and videos.

The AFF13 AFFO is ideal as a small camera. The AFF13 AFFO integrates into your hand and is designed ergonomically. This device is always ready. Light, look and observe.

Sensor 256. Compared to the previous C2W version, this is equipped with more contrast and, in addition to the long operating time, offers a higher overview with a wide angle.

With a field of vision of 13.5 ° and an optical magnification of 1.24, there is always enough image width for use in forests and meadows.

Transform the night into the day with the AFP13 AFFO

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